Electric Fishing Reel Systems, a leader in quality and innovation, bring you the world’s most advanced and powerful low profile electric TEEZER Dredge Reels—the TD-2000 and TD-4000.

These are the answer to large bulky reels in the cockpit which take up valuable fishing space, plus they eliminate the problem of where to store them at the end of the day. It is the evolution of sport fishing—a way to intelligently fish heavy dredges and teasers at the same time and control all four reels with one simple keypad. And, once set in to memory, it remembers exactly where you want to fish your dredges and teasers.


Because of its compact size, the TD-2000 is ideal for installation in the pod in hardtops and towers of existing sportfishing boats. It is also ideal for mounting under the T-Top of large center console outboard boats.


The TD-4000 is designed for installation in the pod in hardtops and towers on sportfishing boats and its compact size makes it ideal for custom installation in enclosed areas. It includes numerous microprocessor controlled features which can be controlled by a large keypad on the unit. Two additional optional control keypads are available for mounting at the helm, in the tower, or in the cockpit.

TD-2000 & TD-4000 FEATURES

Two 10" DREDGE spools (TD-2000) / Two 8" TEEZER spools and two 10" DREDGE spools each driven by its own motor (TD-4000)


Spool Guards to prevent line from coming off spools and Line Guides to help direct line through hardtop

Ability to program each spool independently to set home and fishing positions where you want them

“Prospect Memory Feature” which allows you to set into memory two or more distances and toggle back and forth between these locations to help locate billfish (TD-2000)


Variable Speed Control enables you to adjust for sea conditions


Digital readout on each spool to tell you the position of each lure or dredge being pulled


12 Volt (TD-2000) or 24 Volt DC (TD-4000)

Remembers all memory settings when turned off at the end of the day for next day’s fishing


Loud alarm to alert you when a fish grabs a lure or dredge you are pulling


Ability to add two remote keypads such as at the helm, in the tower, and on the aft cabin bulkhead in the cockpit (TD-4000 ONLY)