Never Descale Again.


Keep your vessel up and running with the revolutionary ClearLine System from ElectroSea. This new technology, prevents barnacles and marine growth in your boat’s seawater lines.

Prevents marine growth so A/C and cooling systems are always operational.

Marine growth scaling in raw water lines is a potential threat to the performance of your air conditioners, chillers and hydraulics. Blockages caused by barnacles can result in high pressure, low flow alarms causing your air conditioner or other systems to overheat and fail— just when you’re ready to use them.

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Backed by the time-tested power of chlorine.

To counteract the problem of marine growth, the engineers at ElectroSea harnessed the proven power of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite). It is a proven anti-fouling treatment against a range of marine organisms.

Eliminates hazardous acid descaling, safe for the environment.

ClearLine generates a consistent, ultra low level of chlorine, similar to what you’d find in tap water. ClearLine is cost-effective, better for the vessel’s equipment and safer for the marine environment than descaling with acid based cleaners.


The ClearLine Control Unit works in concert with ClearCell to deliver a precise, low level of chlorine based on vessel seawater demand, real-time monitoring of the cell and environmental conditions. The Control Unit can monitor and control intake pumps and other accessories using seawater.


Installs in New Build or Retrofit

ElectroSea has installed ClearLine on:

Catman Cats • Custom Carolina • Dean Johnson • F&S Yachts • Garlington • Hargrave Custom Yachts • Hatteras Yachts • Horizon Yachts • Jarrett Bay • Jim Smith Sportfish • Maritimo • Marlow Yachts • Merritt’s Boat & Engine Works • Michael Rybovich & Sons Custom Boat Works • Navigator Yachts • Ocean Alexander • Paul Mann Custom Boats • Princess Yachts Americas • Ricky Scarborough • Riva Yachts • Riviera Yachts • Sea Ray • Spencer Yachts • Symbol Yachts • Viking Yachts • Weaver Boatworks • Westport Yachts • Winter Custom Yachts

Installation is easy and usually can be completed in one or two days.

CLEARLINE System at Work

CLEARLINE System In Seawater Air Conditioning Circuit


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