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Spend Time Cleaning or Going Fast?

It's a valid question for most boat owners: Would they prefer spending their precious free time scrubbing a hull or out on the water going fast—and using less fuel?


Storing a boat out of the water on a Golden Boat Lift keeps speed-robbing marine life from growing on the hull. Removing algae, worms, barnacles and other organisms is back-breaking, time-consuming work. A clean hull is a fast hull. It's also more efficient, whether it's powered by fuel or sail.

It's a Commitment to Quality

When shopping for a boat lift, there's a big discrepancy between Golden Boat Lifts and everyone else. The difference lies in the materials and construction. Few manufacturers use only 6061 T-6 marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel. Unlike components that are bolted together, Golden Lifts are fully welded to ensure a lifetime of reliable service.


It's the only aluminum frame boat lift manufacturer to hold the enviable ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, proof of their commitment to quality.

When it's done right, it's Golden.

A Safer Solution

Few product names strike fear into competitors' hearts like that of the Golden Sea-Drive®, the powerful drive that powers a Golden Boat Lift. It's engineered so that the main gear that supports the weight cannot back drive. The Golden Sea-Drive is so reliable, in over 40,000 units manufactured, not one has ever failed.


These safety features cannot be overlooked, whether the boat is 3,000 pounds or 240,000 pounds.

Made in the USA

Every Golden Boat Lift is made in the USA by skilled craftsmen—more than 75,000 lifts so far, installed in over 75 countries countries across the globe.

A Lift for Every Boat and Every Location

Golden Boat Lifts are made for a wide range of boat types up to 240,000 pounds. What's more, they're fully customized to the specific hull to ensure even weight distribution. Models are available for inboard and outboard powerboats, large yachts, sailboats, PWC, kayaks and even seaplanes.

Four- and Eight-Post Lifts

5,000–240,000 lbs.

The traditional pile-mounted boat lift built the Golden way.


Elevator Lifts

3,000–60,000 lbs.

Ideal for seawalls and spots where only one side is accessible.


GatorVator™ Lifts

2,000–30,000 lbs.

With no top bar, it's perfect for retaining a wide-open view.



2,000–32,000 lbs.

The Tornado, our newest boat lift model, is freestanding and built to last.


Deck Lifts

2,000–40,000 lbs.

With 360° walkaround access, it's like a driveway for a boat.

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