The Hinckley Company started in 1928 as the Manset Boatyard in Southwest Harbor, Maine. Henry R. Hinckley’s focus was on servicing the local lobster boats as well as the yachts of summer residents on Mt. Desert Island. The lines of a Hinckley were a direct result of their need to endure the rigors of life among the rocky coves and jutting promontories of Maine’s Acadian coast. Then as now, frivolous design had no place on such unforgiving waters. The yachts were built to endure.

Today, Hinckley builds in carbon fiber and Kevlar™ composite from bow to stern, vacuum-infused with epoxy for incredible strength. The single bond infusion allows for an integrated, chemical bond between hull and support structure. Hinckley is unique in this approach and in guaranteeing their hulls and decks for life.

Hinckley Yachts are powered by water jets for a reason. Jet propulsion provides unrivaled precision handling with just the slightest touch. Jets are considered the best possible mechanical configuration for joystick applications because changing thrust direction on a jet is accomplished by simply changing the direction of water flow. Commercial and military boats that rely on continuous maneuverability select jets for this reason. The US Navy’s newly designed 43-foot PB-X and 85-foot Mark VI patrol boats are each powered by water jets for inshore maneuverability in unknown waters.


Announced at the Palm Beach International Boat Show two years ago, Hinckley Sport Boats are a new line of outboard boats designed from the outset for outboard propulsion and purpose-built for offshore performance. New this year, the Sport Boat 40x exemplifies a refined performance that takes you further and faster in comfort and style. This will be her first time on display at the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Hinckley is unique in owning and operating 10 world-class YachtCare Centers up and down the east coast. Hinckley’s YachtCare program combines this unrivaled infrastructure with a new mobile service team to deliver an ownership experience like none other. Only Hinckley brings all of this together for an on-the-water experience with family and friends that is uniquely yours.


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