Volvo Penta IPS

Join the Boating Revolution

Volvo Penta IPS is a complete and integrated propulsion system from helm to prop.  The Volvo Penta IPS revolution continues with our most powerful version ever – the D13-IPS1350. It exemplifies the extraordinary lengths Volvo Penta will go to deliver superior performance while maintaining the signature maneuverability and comfort of IPS.
Our engineers have reworked the entire driveline to provide a system that is perfectly matched for maximum reliability – just like the rest of the IPS range. In fact, you could say there has never been a better time to join the revolution.


Maneuverability, onboard comfort and performance – Volvo Penta IPS takes these characteristics to a whole new level. In addition, the layout of IPS creates more usable space onboard and has influenced many of the world’s leading boat designers.

Next Generation

D4 and D6

The award-winning D4 and D6 marine propulsion packages have been re-engineered with redesigned engines, new DPI sterndrive for silent and smooth shifting, updated IPS drive and an enhanced Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) platform. The comprehensive makeover, which encompassed more than 85 percent of the engine’s design and component selection, took over 300,000 engineering hours and 40,000 test hours.

The benefits of this hard work enhance almost every aspect that boat owners consider important – including performance, reliability, durability, running costs and maintenance. The improvements also deliver a more enjoyable experience, with a more comfortable ride and greater maneuverability.

What does this mean for you?

Improved performance, durability,

reliability and serviceability.

Better fuel efficiency.

Lower running and maintenance costs;

improved support experience.

Superior torque and acceleration.

A more comfortable ride and better maneuverability.

Ability to monitor oil level and service schedules from

the comfort of the helm, through the Glass Cockpit.

Ability to quickly change oil from inside the boat,

without having to lift boat out of the water.

Easy Boating Benefits

Whether it’s an intuitive electronic interface or a high-performance drive system, every piece of Volvo Penta equipment is developed with you in mind – enhanced integration and usability that’s designed to make your life on the water even more relaxing and enjoyable

The Joystick

Volvo Penta Joysticks make driving and docking easier than ever. With an optional joystick for Volvo Penta IPS, Aquamatic Sterndrive and Diesel Inboard-powered boats, driving and docking have never been easier. The buttons put a unique combination of functions within easy reach.

Active Corrosion Resistance

With Active Corrosion Protection System, we are taking yet another vital step towards easier boat ownership. It is designed to protect your drive and to give you peace of mind. The system offers reliable and efficient protection from galvanic corrosion and entirely replaces the sacrificial anodes mounted on the drive. Protection status is conveniently presented in the standard engine displays. Available for single and twin sterndrive installations.

The Glass Cockpit

Available from 7- to 24-inch widescreen format, the Glass Cockpit System integrates all driver information in one location. The multi-function, touchscreen displays give you a full overview of navigation and engine data, together with Easy Boating functions such as Autopilot, Joystick Driving and Water Sport Control. The displays are integrated with buttons on the throttle and joystick controls allowing you to switch between preset layouts – increasing your safety, awareness and enjoyment at sea.

Dynamic Positioning System

The Dynamic Positioning System for IPS is a perfect feature when you wish to automatically maintain your position and heading for a moment, i.e., when preparing for docking. With the repositioning feature, you can automatically rotate the boat, move forward, backward and sideways, while remaining in DPS- mode – with just a simple tap of the joystick.

Service and Support

With Volvo Penta engines and accessories you are well prepared for enjoyable and safe boating. With only one contact for the whole package, you have the full support of the Volvo Penta service network. Our dealers are always ready to assist – and help maximize your boating time and pleasure.

Volvo Penta Action Service

Our global dealer network is backed up by the Volvo Penta Action Service, offering assistance 24 hours a day, every day of the year in 28 languages.

One point of contact

With Volvo Penta, you need just one point of contact for the whole package: engines, instruments, accessories, service, warranties, etc. This means simpler ownership – and easy boating.